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Jephthah's Daughter (CLICK here)

Jephthah's Daughter (oil on canvas), Italian School, (17th century).jpg

Jephthah's daughter is a Biblical figure whose story is found in chapter 11 of the book of Judges.  Jephthah, a soldier, made a challenging vow to God saying that if God gave him victory over the Ammonites, he would offer the first thing that came out of his house upon arriving home victorious, as a burnt offering.  Sadly, it was not a servant nor an animal that greeted Jephthah first—it was his only child.  His daughter was first to come out to meet him upon his return; she was dancing and playing a timbrel.  Jephthah tore his clothes and mourned, remembering his vow to God.

Jephthah went on to do as he had vowed.

The story of Jephthah and his daughter has inspired artists throughout the centuries to interpret the musical instruments of the scene creatively.

I hope you find the exhibit to be interesting and valuable.

~Mark Berry